Tips For Managing Ticks

Ticks are nasty little insects that are about the size of your fingernail.  When they attach themselves to you they will begin to suck your blood.  This in itself is disgusting, but on top of that, they can also spread disease and illness.  For this reason, tick control services menomonee falls is very important and should be taken seriously.

Clean your yard

The first line of defense is to clean your yard.  Mow your lawn, pick up trash and make sure that there is no standing water from rain.  When you clean your yard, you are going to destroy the natural habitat that ticks live in.  Once your yard is clean, have a professional come out and spray for ticks.  This way, you know that they are dead.

Wear long clothing

When you travel outside you want to be comfortable.  You want to have shorts, tee shirts and flip flops.  However, when you are in areas that have ticks, you want to be covered up completely.  The reason for this is that ticks will attach themselves to you in a variety of different ways.  They will grab your hair, clothing or skin.  When you wear long clothing however, you are creating an extra barrier of protection between you and the tick.

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Check yourself and others

You want to check yourself and others all over if you are spending any time out in the woods or in areas where ticks live.  You want to check your hair, under your arms and even in those intimate places.  If you get bitten by a tick you can become very sick so make sure that you check yourself and others carefully.

The same goes for your pets. If you have dogs, cats or other animals that explore the great outdoors, then you want to make sure that they are checked as well.  Ticks can jump from species to species to everyone is at risk.