Tips For Dealing With Drywall

Drywall is the barrier between the studs in your wall and the exterior paint that you paint your rooms.  Over time your drywall may be in need of repairs or maintenance.  If you find this to be the fact, you don’t want to delay and hire a drywall repair boulder professional as quickly as possible.  If you don’t the hole or repair job will get bigger and cost more money.

Don’t kick the wall

When it comes to drywall you don’t have to be gentle with it but you don’t have to kick and punch it either.  Many people when they get angry or irritated will punch or kick the wall.  Don’t do this.  If you do, you can put a hole in the drywall.  If this happens it could be a simple fix with some drywall mud or a patch. 

Baseboards and chair rail

After your drywall is hung, you will want to consider installing some base bolding, chair rail and even some crown molding.  These are all strips of wood that are placed either at the base of the wall, the middle of the wall or the top of the wall. 

When we install baseboards, we are protecting the bottom of the sheetrock from kicks and dents.  When we install chair rail, we are protecting the middle of the wall.  It is called chair rail, because this is where the top of a typical chair would hit the wall when sitting in it. 

Crown molding is a sought-after addition to the home.  Since crown molding is placed at the top of the wall, where a crown would sit on the head of a king, it is considered to be an expensive addition to a home. 

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When painting your walls, you may want to start with a layer of primer first.  Depending on the type of drywall you install and the temperature in which you paint, the drywall may soak up a lot of the paint making you do several coats.